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Hello everyone and welcome to my *new* subdomain off of my website. This is where I will be putting a lot of my photography work. So let’s dive in!

Side note: to view higher quality images, visit my Flickr.

I asked my beautiful best friend, Laura, if I could take some photos of her this Saturday. Being the amazing friend she is, she agreed. Fortunately for us it was a beautiful warm and sunny day in Fredericksburg. There was also some small breezes which mean we got some hair flowing pictures.

We started off by walking off of Sunken Road, one of my favourite roads to walk in Fredericksburg. Sunken Road is a street that looks good in all weather. I mean the leaves falling in autumn, the stark bare trees in winter and then its revived, striking green in spring.



DSC_0008 copy



DSC_0012 copy

We then started heading to the Mary Washington Monument which is off of Kenmore Park. This one of Laura’s and I’s favourite places to go walking. The monument is beautiful at night and Washington Avenue is full of gorgeous houses.

Before we got to the monument, we found this nice side of a house that had enough *distressing* to make it a nice backdrop.

DSC_0034 copy

DSC_0032 copy

Of course (after many amazing detours) we arrived at the monument. Kenmore Park has so many mature pines that act as an amazing backdrop as well.

DSC_0062 copy

DSC_0063 copy

The monument also has really nice steps that lead to the Meditation Rock. If you are not from Fredericksburg, I highly suggest reading this article about the monument because honestly it is so fascinating. I mean who knew that it the only monument in the United States erected to a woman by women? Super cool.

DSC_0068 copy

DSC_0069 copy

Well that is it for now folk. Hopefully I will be back soon with even more photos (maybe even *a couples shoot*).

DSC_0083 copy

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